Mahk Intensity within Orange Vibrancy for solo haegeum (2022)

Dancing Deep-Sadness for string orchestra (2022)

Bower: Keobeu Nolae for solo sanjo gayageum (2022)

Fragility and Sonorousness for solo piano (2021)

Gyeonggye: Border for taegŭm (2020)

Heaven to Earth Border House for taegŭm and gayageum (2019-20)

Silky Mist Softly Lingers… Red for solo guzheng (2018) 

Rushing Spirit Breath for taegŭm and percussion (2017)

Strange Invisible Perfume for guzheng and percussion (2017)

Garden of Fire for mezzo-soprano, percussion, piano & visual projections (2017)

Fragrant Rain Clouds of Love for percussion and piano (2016)

Blooms late when spring is gone… for erhu, calligrapher-reciter & visual projections (2016)

Emergence from Autumn Darkness to Spring for Jiari-Shakuhachi and Jinashi-Shakuhachi (2015)

Emergence from Darkness for solo harp (2015)

Where are the Sounds of Joy? for trumpet, percussion, piano (2015)

Dying of the Light: Pacific Resonance for Peter for soprano saxophone (2014); for alto saxophone (Eb) (2018)

Resonance of Red  for sitārtablā and harpsichord (2013)

Gentleness-Suddenness for mezzo-soprano, violin, piano, percussion (2010-12)

Early Spring that No One Sees for viola, percussion and piano (2012)

Spirit-Presence for two shakuhachi (2012)

Blossom Sadness for 2 violins, viola and cello (2012)

In Gentleness and Suddenness for shakuhachi (2010)

Qi Colour from Hidden Resonances for piano (2010)

Not Broken Bruised-Reed for piano and percussion (2010)

Double Resonances for piano and percussion (2008)

Fierce Tranquillity for string trio (2007)

Pacific Dancing for orchestra (2006)

After Resonance Blues for piano (2005)

Majesty for piano (2005)

B-Bop for clarinet (Bb), cello, piano (2004)

Daragang Magayon Cantata for mezzo-soprano, piano, optional dancer/chanter (2001/06)

…Back to the Centre for piano (2000)

Sound Rituals for orchestra (2000)

Colour Resonances and Dance for orchestra (2000)

Bluesy-Red Flirt for flute, trumpet (Bb), percussion, violin, cello, piano (2000)

Bordello Blues and Hymn for flute, trumpet (Bb), percussion, violin, cello, piano (1997)

Rituals for Soprano and String Quartet for soprano and string quartet (1996)

Coat-tails Flying chamber opera in three acts, (text, Hone Tuwhare; set design, Wallace Crossman) 1h 18m (1992-95)

Te Kooti’s Song for piano (1992)

Humming for SATB choir (1992)

Timbres for guitar (1991)

Winter Journey from a Prague Spring for oboe and chamber ensemble (1990)

Juliet for baritone and guitar (1990)

Koha for Rewi for solo guitar (1990)

Dialogue for Jerusalem for clarinet and piano (1989)

String Quartet: Lirico, Scherzo, Burletta (1989)

“…To a Tuesday’s Blossoming Tree” for chamber choir (SATB) (text, Hone Tuwhare) (1989)

A Peace in Time for two pianos (1989)

City of Broken Dreams for orchestra (1989)

In Memoriam; Audrey Gillies: Symmetries for clarinet (Bb), violin, cello, piano (1988)

Dual for two violins (1988)

Expression in Blue for violin and piano (1988)

Piece No. 2 for orchestra (1985)

Movements for flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, violin, viola and double bass (1984-85)

Three Movements for piano (1984-85)

Running for flute and cello (1984-85)

Lontano Music-Theatre Songs for voice and chamber ensemble (1984-85)

Eliot Songs  (text, T.S. Eliot) for mezzo-soprano and piano (1984-85)

Roxburgh Rages (text, Bruce Crossman) for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (1984-85)

Armageddon for chamber ensemble (1984-85)

Concertino for chamber ensemble (1984-85)

Transformations for Strings for string orchestra (1984-85)

Piece No. 1 for orchestra (1984)

Pezzo Languendo for piano (1984)