Dancing Deep-Sadness

for string orchestra (2022): string orchestra:; duration: 6′ 01″; publisher: Australian Music Centre

DDS OMM film 1
Luis José Recart Echenique (conductor) and Orquesta Marga Marga, Chile, 2022

Pacific Dancing

for orchestra (2006); 2 (pic)22(bs.cl)2; 4331; timpani., percussion (2 players: Perc. 1: snare drum, 3 bongos, 2 congas, hi-hat cymbal, suspended cymbal, marimba, crotales; Perc. 2: snare drum, 3 bongos [high, medium, low], hi-hat cymbal, suspended cymbal, tam-tam, vibraphone) crotales; harp; strings; duration: 11′ 00″; publisher: Sounz, Australian Music Centre

Composer colleagues, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Readings/ Recordings 2007

Sound Rituals

for orchestra (2000); 3(pic)23(bs. cl)2;4331; timpani, percussion (2 players: 3 bongo drums-high-middle-low, snare drum, high-hat cymbal, suspended cymbal-medium, tam-tam, 2 conga drums -medium-large, 2 bass drums-with foot pedal & suspended, crotales), harp; strings; duration: 15′ 00″; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Composer colleagues, including Akira, at rehearsal Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Asian Music Week 2000, Yokohama

Colour Resonances and Dance

for orchestra (2000); 2(pic)22(bs. cl)2; 2200; timpani; 2 percussion players (snare drum, hi-hat, suspended cymbal,tam tam, bass drum, 2 bongo drums [can be substituted by snare], 2 conga drums [drum with snares off], glockenspiel); strings; duration: 17′ 00″; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Bruce Crossman, Sung Kwak (conductor) & Korean Symphony Orchestra, Seoul, Asian Contemporary Music Festival 2002

Winter Journey from a Prague Spring

for oboe and chamber orchestra (1990); duration: 28′ 00″

City of Broken Dreams

for orchestra (1989); duration: 10′ 00″

Transformations for Strings

for string orchestra (1984-85); duration: 8′ 00″

Piece No. 2

for orchestra (1985); duration: 6′ 00″

Piece No. 1

for orchestra (1984); duration: 5′ 00″