Performances 2020

Research Grant for Korean-Australian Heaven to Earth Multimedia Expressions

Heaven to Earth: Border House(sanjo gayageum, taegum) was awarded a Western Sydney University RIF-funded Collaborative Seed Funding Grant for the project ‘Heaven to Earth Multimedia Expressions: Border House SanjoFragments and Korean-Australian Improvisations with Filmic Interactions’. The project was to have been recorded and filmed in Western Sydney from 11-16 August 2020, but this was postponed to 2021 due to the world pandemic.

The focus of the research, is a double multimedia project between Dr Hyelim Kim (London-based taegum musician), Prof. Yi Ji-young (Korean-based kayageum musician) with WSU researchers, Kate Fagan (poet), Bruce Crossman (composer/piano improviser), Waldo Garrido (bass improviser) and Vincent Tay (filmmaker).  The idea is to create two intercultural ‘Border House’ works that explore intercultural creativity between Korea and Australia through the frame of the traditional Korean instrumental form of Sanjo: firstly, a multimedia work for taegum/voice (traditional Korean flute) and kayageum/ voice (traditional Korean zither) with filming/ interpretation by Tay; and secondly, record two improvisations between the Garrido-Crossman Duo and Yi and Kim with filming/interpretation by Tay.


Recording Project: Korean-Australian Heaven to Earth Border House

Bruce Crossman and Kate Fagan’s Heaven to Earth: Border House (sanjo gayageum, taegŭm) (2019-20) and Gyeonggye: Border (solo taegŭm) (2020) will be recorded by Dr Hyelim Kim (London-based taegŭm musician) and Professor Yi Ji-young (Korean-based kayageum musician) in October 2020. The projected is funded by Western Sydney University with their RIF-funded Collaborative Seed Funding Grant and School of Humanities and Communication Arts Researcher of the Year 2019 (Practice-based Research) Award.

Heaven to Earth: Border House (sanjo gayageum, taegŭm) (2019-20) and Gyeonggye: Border (solo taegŭm) (2020) will be recorded by Yi Ji-young and Hyelim Kim at Seoul National University, Korea and in London, Stella Polaris Studios, United Kingdom. The recordings will be used as the basis for two experimental films with Australian cinematographer and director, Vincent Tay.


Sydney Sacred Music Festival Forum Seminar Sessions: Sacred Creativity

A/Prof Bruce Crossman (Western Sydney University) was a panelist in Sacred Creativity: The Situation Now as part of a series of forums organised by Dr Nicholas Ng, Research Fellow, at the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, 9 September 2020. The other panelists included Prof Jocelyn Chey (Western Sydney University), Geoff Wood (ABC Radio National) and Dr Mahesh Radhakrishnan (Sydney Conservatorium of Music).

Panelists were asked to address the central theme of ‘sacred creativity in the postdigital age’. This forum brought together some of the world’s leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of spiritually-inspired music and related art forms. Are we transitioning away from technology to return more to nature? Where will the ‘new normality’ take us creatively as a result of the global pandemic?


Korea-Australia Creativity Seminars: Something Inexplicably Subtle

Bruce Crossman organises a Western Sydney University & Seoul National University Creative Collaboration: Heaven-to-Earth Inspiration: Gugak Performers & Australian Composers on UN Sustainability Mandate on Diversity (intercultural), 15, 22 October & 19 November 2020.

Following on from Gayageum master Hwang Byung-ki’s idea of ‘something so inexplicable subtle that it can only be felt deep in the heart…[it] comes down from heaven to stay in the human mind…It touches the heart of everyone…and activates his spirit’ (Hwang 2002), Western Sydney postgraduates will collaborate through file-sharing to compose and improvise music with their counterparts in Seoul National University, research students in traditional Korean music—Gugak—on gayageum and haegeum. The students will be supervised by Professor Yi Ji-young, considered one of the most important Korean gayageum players of our time with a legacy stretching from traditional sanjo to contemporary avant-garde repertoire. A research panel including Australians Professor Roger Dean (MARCS) and Dr Waldo Garrido (SHCA) in conversation with Korean musicians Professor Yi Ji-young (Seoul National University) and Dr Hyelim Kim (Barbican Third Orchestra, London) will discuss the ‘inexplicable subtle’ creative interactions between Korea and Australia.