Performances 2020

Research Grant for Korean-Australian Heaven to Earth Multimedia Expressions

Heaven to Earth: Border House (gayageum, taegum) was awarded a Western Sydney University RIF-funded Collaborative Seed Funding Grant for the project ‘Heaven to Earth Multimedia Expressions: Border House Sanjo Fragments and Korean-Australian Improvisations with Filmic Interactions’. The project will be recorded and filmed in Western Sydney from 11-16 August 2020.

The focus of the research, is a double multimedia project between Dr Hyelim Kim (London-based taegum musician), Prof. Ji-young Yi (Korean-based kayageum musician) with WSU researchers, Kate Fagan (poet), Bruce Crossman (composer/piano improviser), Waldo Garrido (bass improviser) and Vincent Tay (filmmaker).  The idea is to create two intercultural ‘Border House’ works that explore intercultural creativity between Korea and Australia through the frame of the traditional Korean instrumental form of Sanjo: firstly, a multimedia work for taegum/voice (traditional Korean flute) and kayageum/ voice (traditional Korean zither) with filming/ interpretation by Tay; and secondly, record two improvisations between the Garrido-Crossman Duo and Yi and Kim with filming/interpretation by Tay.