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 Tokyo in Spring: Sonic Resonance

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Music of the Spirit: Asian-Pacific Musical Identity

Intercultural Music: Creation and Interpretation


Living Colours: An Asian-Pacific Conceptual frame for Composition

Spiritual Essences: Sounds of an Asian-Pacific Place, Personality and Spirit in Double Resonances

Moving Between Things: Heaven and Hell, Visual and Sonic Gestures Towards Transcendent Oneness

Asian-Australian Interactions: Personal Compositional Voice and After-Resonance Renewal

The Artist’s Viewpoint: Asian-Australian Resonances

Sounding the Ritual of Sensual Rebellion: Pacific-European Resonances

Personal Creative Process Towards a Pacific-European Identity

Online Blog Publications & Reviews

Online Blog Publications:

Crossman, Bruce. “Living Breath, Juxtapositional Flow and Emergent Spirit: Asian Music Festival 2014 in Yokohama and Tokyo”

Crossman, Bruce. “Living colours – from Chinese opera to an Australian music theatre work”

Crossman, Bruce. “Space, Silence and Sound: Asian Music Festival 2010 in Tokyo”

Crossman, Bruce. “Ring of Fire: Six Australians in Tongyeong and Seoul”


Noble, Alistair. “Shadows and Silhouettes: new piano compositions celebrating a Chinese-Western confluence”

Nightingale, James. “Gentleness-Suddenness, Bruce Crossman”

Harriet Cunningham. “A Brilliant showcase of the piano’s range”