Mahk Intensity within Orange Vibrancy

for solo haegeum (2022); duration: 12′ 01″
publisher: Australian Music Centre

IMG_9133 copy
Mulgoa Nature Reserve bush inspiration, Western Sydney, 2022

Bower: Keobeu Nolae

for solo sanjo gayageum (2022): sanjo gayageum in F (12-strings) with Korean Temple bowl (wooden striker) and voice (chanter); duration: 10′ 01″
publisher: Australian Music Centre

IMG_3837 copy
Eonhwa Lee (gayageum) Seoul National University Arts Center, Concert Hall, 2022

Fragility and Sonorousness

for solo piano (2021); duration: 8′ 08″
publisher: Australian Music Centre

Kane concert 1
Kane Chang in Fragility and Sonorousness, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, 2021

Gyeonggye: Border 

for taegŭm (2020): solo taegŭm plus voice, Korean Temple bowl; duration: 9′ 46″
publisher: Australian Music Centre

Hyelim Kim GB 1
Hyelim Kim, National Gugak Center, Pungryu Sarangbang, Seoul, South Korea, 2022

Silky Mist Softly Lingers… Red

for solo guzheng (2018); duration: 9 minutes; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Blooms late when spring is gone…

for erhu, calligrapher-reciter & visual projections (2016); duration: 10′ 23″; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Liu Ying (erhu), Poetic Energies 2017, Western Sydney University

Dying of the Light: Pacific Resonance for Peter

for soprano saxophone (Bb) (2014); for alto saxophone (Eb) (2018)

Beaugeais_DOTL 3
Katia Beaugeais (soprano saxophone), 2021, Sydney Australia

Emergence from Darkness

for solo harp (2015); duration: 16′ 36″; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Emergence Tokyo
Reine Takano (harp), Millennium Hall, Ueno, Tokyo, 2017

In Gentleness and Suddenness

for shakuhachi (2010); duration: 5′ 00″; publisher: Wirripang

Jim Franklin (shakuhachi), Playhouse, Western Sydney University 2012

Qi Colour from Hidden Resonances

for piano (2010); duration: 5′ 00”; publisher: Wirripang

Kawai Chan (piano), The Keyboard in the 21st Century, Hong Kong, 2019

After Resonance Blues

for piano (2005); duration: 10′ 53″; publisher: Wirripang


for piano (2005); duration: 5′ 00″; publisher: Wirripang

…Back to the Centre

for piano (2000); duration: 5′ 00″; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Te Kooti’s Song

for piano (1992); duration: 7′ 00″; publisher: Sounz


for guitar (1991); duration: 10′ 00″; publisher: Waiteata


for baritone and guitar (1990); duration: 2′ 00″

Koha for Rewi

for solo guitar (1990); duration: 3′ 00″

Te Kooti’s Song

for piano (1992); duration: 7′ 00″; publisher: Sounz

Three Movements

for piano (1984-85); duration: 12′ 00″

Pezzo Languendo

for piano (1984); duration: 5′ 00″; publisher: Otago University