Performances 2022

Daegeum Recital—Tradition and Creativity, National Gugak Center

Bruce Crossman’s Gyeonggye: Border (solo taegŭm, voice, Korean Temple bell) was featured by Korean taegum virtuoso, Hyelim Kim at her 2022 Hyelim Kim Daegeum Recital—Tradition and Creativity, National Gugak Center, Pungryu Sarangbang (chamber concert hall), Seoul, South Korea on 9 February 2022.

Hyelim Kim at Pungryu Sarangbang, National Gugak Center, Korea

The work was performed at Hyelim Kim’s taegum chamber recital at Korea’s most prestigious venue for traditional music, and launched her culturally rich and innovative monograph, Tradition and Creativity in Korean Taegŭm Flute Performance (Routledge 2021). The concert was moderated by Professor Jocelyn Clark and included traditional Korean Gugak repertoire and contemporary works by Youngdong Kim, Daeseong Kim, and two world premières by Hyelim Kim and Bruce Crossman.  Gyeonggye: Border’s pulsing juxtaposed colours of the taegŭm, Korean Temple bell and vocal chant in this music are a type of symbolic life pulsing, as spirit crosses from heaven to earth and earth to heaven, as a tribute to my father—Wallace Crossman (Potocki)—and his border crossing to heaven nearly two years ago, just before the pandemic hit the world.

ANAM Set Festival, 13-15 May 2022, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

Fragility and Sonorousness (solo piano) will be performed by Melbourne-based ANAM virtuoso pianist, Kane Chang at the ANAM Set Festival in the ‘Sounds of an Agenda’ concerts on Saturday 14 (3.45pm) and Sunday 15 May 2022 at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, Australia. The festival is an outcome of a national commissioning project of Australian composers for ANAM’s virtuoso musicians. The festival will include an ABC Radio National live broadcast on The Music Show with distinguished Australian composer Andrew Ford.

The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) noted that “The ANAM Set is arguably the biggest commissioning project ever undertaken in this country, with sixty-seven of Australia’s finest composers commissioned to write a new six minute work in dialogue with one of ANAM’s sixty-seven virtuoso musicians.  It transformed the fallow time of 2020 lockdowns into an opportunity for creativity and close collaboration as partnered composers and musicians worked on their respective, highly individual works.” ANAM Set Festival will showcase Australian musical creativity in 2022 in Melbourne as “A celebration of Australian artistry, diversity and resilience…A snap-shot of Australian composition in 2021, all 67 freshly-minted works comprising the ANAM Set will be performed in the beautiful venues of the Abbotsford Convent in May.”

Kane Chang in action at ANAM
Bruce Crossman (photo: Vincent Tay)

The Music Show, ABC Radio National, Australia

Fragility and Sonorousness (solo piano) was performed by Melbourne-based ANAM virtuoso pianist, Kane Chang on Andrew Ford’s The Music Show, ABC Radio National, 11.05am, in ‘Tailoring a composition—live from ANAM Set Festival,’ The Linen Room, ANAM Set Festival, Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, Australia. The ABC described the show as “Three composer-performer pairings speak to Andrew Ford about their partnerships and how the pieces developed: Noemi Liba Friedman and horn player Nicola Robinson; Tom Green and violinist Claire Weatherhead; and Bruce Crossman and pianist Kane Chang.”

Kane Chang & Bruce Crossman at Abbotsford Convent (photo: Katia Pertout)

2022 International Music Workshop and Concert, Seoul National University, Korea

Bruce Crossman will be Scholar/Artist-in-Residence at the International Music Workshop and Concert (IMWC) Seoul National University College of Music, Seoul, South Korea from 21-24 June 2022.​ He will present lectures and participate in demonstrations/workshops on his composition and creative ideas as a reflective practitioner.