Performances 2021

New Creativity Seminar at 2021 SNU Online Winter Music Festival: Korean Music

Heaven to Earth: Border House (sanjo gayageumtaegŭm) and Gyeonggye: Border (solo taegŭm) were featured in the seminar New Creativity: Korea and Australia Music Collaboration at the Korean Music Department, College of Music at Seoul National University’s 2021 SNU Online Winter Music Festival: Korean Music Camp on Thursday 18 February 2021. 

The seminar on new creativity for Korean music was an international public zoom seminar with the panel, chaired by distinguished ethnomusicologist Dr Anna-Yates-Lu (centre),  and included Korea’s leading gayageum performer, Professor Yi Jiyoung (SNU) with Dr Bruce Crossman (Western Sydney University) and Dr Hyelim Kim (Bath Spa University, UK). 

It also included beautiful creativity between Seoul National University and Western Sydney postgraduate students who discussed their intercultural collaborations and presented their music—including Jinju Yang (PhD, WSU) on “Married Life,” Robert Moss (DCA, WSU) and Eon-hwa Lee on “Two Faces,” and Hayoung Yun and Joe Tabua (DCA, WSU) on “Waterways.”

Seminar at Note-ify 2021, Himig Sanghaya Chorale/ACL Philippines, Manilla

Bruce Crossman will present on his Chinese opera-inspired work Shy Like Blushing Flowersand sanjo-influenced collaboration Heaven to Earth: Border House(sanjo gayageum,taegum) in a zoom Composition Seminar at Note-ify 2021, Himig Sanghaya Chorale/ Asian Composers League Philippines, Manilla, Philippines, with convenor Professor Marie Jocelyn Marfil (University of the Philippines).