Living Colours: Pacific Sounds & Spirit

Lotte Latukefu, James Cuddeford, Claire Edwardes, Michael Kieran Harvey, Peter Neville, Tristram Williams; Navona Records NV6095, 2017; Double Resonances, Not Broken Bruised-Reed, Gentleness-Suddenness, Where Are the Sounds of Joy?

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“Crossman allows the music of the Pacific, specifically of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Filipino traditions, to influence his more or less high modern attention to sound color and sound space…something spaciously Asian but with an effectively communicative vocabulary of Western new music…Crossman is a real force for the present-future.”

(Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, USA, May 18, 2017)

“The wealth of musical activity in Pacific rim countries is clearly a source of inspiration to Crossman, adding a fascinating dimension to music from a European heritage. His discerning blend of East and West creates an intriguing, kaleidoscopic sonic world, one that carries a strong emotional impact…”

(The Music Trust, Australia, July 3, 2017)

Gentleness-Suddenness (DVD) 

Lotte Latukefu (mezzo-soprano), James Cuddeford (violin), Claire Edwardes (percussion), Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Ian Stevenson (sound diffusion), David Cubby (photographs), Simon Killalea (live-projection/pixel slicing of photographs), Matt Dewey and Andrew Dixon (sound recording), Iqbal Barkat (director) and Vincent Tay (cinematography); Filigree Films: ISBN: 978-0-646-93017-6, 2014; Gentleness-SuddennessDistribution: Australian Music Centre

Double Resonances

Lotte Latukafu, Merlinda Bobis, Ian Munro, Jim Franklin, New Asia String Quartet, Jeanell Carrigan, Tom McGrath, Bernadette Balkus, Claire Edwardes  Wirripang: Wirr017, 2008; Daragang Magayon CantataIn Gentleness and SuddennessFierce TranquillityBack to the CentreAfter-Resonance BluesDouble Resonances


Michael Atherton and Bruce Crossman; Wirripang, Wirr026, 2009; Spotify 2015; Bunyip BluesResophonicatik tikWater Dragon (palimpsest), Snajo for Jylee, PentaphonicaOff-the Rail Blues

Melbourne Composers’ League: Celebrating Twenty Years

Lotte Latukefu, James Cuddeford, Claire Edwardes, Michael Kieran Harvey; Melbourne Composers’ League, 2017, Spotify 2017,  Spirit

Shadows and Silhouettes

Antonietta Loffredo; Wirripang, Wirr 047, 2012; Spotify 2015; Qi Colour from Hidden Resonances

Creative Explosion

Claire Edwards, James Cuddeford, Zubin Kanga (Offspring Ensemble); Wirripang, Wirr, 2009; Spotify 2015; Not Broken Bruised-Reed

Music of the Spirit

Claire Edwardes and  Bernadette Balkus; Wirripang, Wirr011, 2008; Double Resonances

Jo-Wha (Oneness)

Ian Munro, Lotte Latukefu, Merlinda Bobis; Wirripang, Wirr004, 2006; Daragang Magayon Cantata

The Waiteata Collection of New Zealand Music, Volume 1: A Violin and Piano Recital

Mark Menzies and Dan Poynton; Waiteata, 1999; Expression in Blue

Hammered: Australian Post-1970 Solo Piano

Jeanell Carrigan; Vox Australis, VAST027-2, 2000; …Back to the Centre