Living Colours: Pacific Sounds & Spirit                                                             Lotte Latukefu, James Cuddeford, Claire Edwardes, Michael Kieran Harvey, Peter Neville, Tristram Williams; Navona Records NV6095, 2017; Double Resonances, Not Broken Bruised-Reed, Gentleness-Suddenness, Where Are the Sounds of Joy?

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Gentleness-Suddenness (DVD)                                                                          Lotte Latukefu (mezzo-soprano), James Cuddeford (violin), Claire Edwardes (percussion), Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Ian Stevenson (sound diffusion), David Cubby (photographs), Simon Killalea (live-projection/pixel slicing of photographs), Matt Dewey and Andrew Dixon (sound recording), Iqbal Barkat (director) and Vincent Tay (cinematography); Filigree Films: ISBN: 978-0-646-93017-6, 2014; Gentleness-Suddenness;Distribution: Australian Music Centre

Double Resonances                                                                                            Lotte Latukafu, Merlinda Bobis, Ian Munro, Jim Franklin, New Asia String Quartet, Jeanell Carrigan, Tom McGrath, Bernadette Balkus, Claire Edwardes  Wirripang: Wirr017, 2008; Daragang Magayon CantataIn Gentleness and SuddennessFierce TranquillityBack to the CentreAfter-Resonance BluesDouble Resonances

Michael Atherton and Bruce Crossman; Wirripang, Wirr026, 2009;
Bunyip BluesResophonicatik tikWater Dragon (palimpsest), Snajo for Jylee PentaphonicaOff-the Rail Blue

Shadows and Silhouettes                                                                        Antonietta Loffredo; Wirripang, Wirr 047, 2012; Qi Colour from Hidden Resonances

Creative Explosion
Claire Edwards, James Cuddeford, Zubin Kanga (Offspring Ensemble); Wirripang, Wirr, 2009; Not Broken Bruised-Reed

Music of the Spirit
Claire Edwardes and  Bernadette Balkus; Wirripang, Wirr011, 2008; Double Resonances

Jo-Wha (Oneness)
Ian Munro, Lotte Latukefu, Merlinda Bobis; Wirripang, Wirr004, 2006;
Daragang Magayon Cantata

Hammered: Australian Post-1970 Solo Piano
Jeanell Carrigan; Vox Australis, VAST027-2, 2000; …Back to the Centre 

 The Waiteata Collection of New Zealand Music, Volume 1: A Violin and Piano Recital
Mark Menzies and Dan Poynton; Waiteata,1999