COMPOSER FORUMS:  Western Sydney University

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Korea-Australia Research Seminars: Something Inexplicably Subtle (2020)

Yi Ji-young (Seoul National University); Hyelim Kim (Barbican Third Orchestra, London); & Gerardo Dirié (Queensland Conservatorium of Music)

‘something so inexplicably subtle that it can only be felt deep in the heart…[it] comes down from heaven to stay in the human mind…It touches the heart of everyone…and activates his spirit’ (Gayageum master, Hwang Byung-ki)

Seminar 1: Thursday, 5-6.30pm, 15 October 2020—Zoom link; Improvisatory Flow as Practice-led Research Energies beyond Borders

Seminar 2: Thursday, 5-6.30pm, 22 October 2020—Zoom link; Heaven-to-Earth Inspiration 1: Gugak Performers & Australian Composers

Seminar 3: Thursday, 5-6.30pm, 19 November 2020—Zoom link; Heaven-to-Earth Inspiration 2: Gugak Performers & Australian Composers


Sonic Rebels & Tradition (2016) 

Dom Turner, Rob Hirst & Joe Glover (AUS); Martin Bresnick & Lisa Moore (USA)

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Backsliders 2016 combo

Dom Turner, Rob Hirst and Joe Glover at the Playhouse, WSU in 2016


Living Sonic Traditions of the Land (2015) 

Dom Turner (AUS) and Phil Wiggins (USA); Sean Heim (USA)

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Phil Wiggins and Dom Turner at the Playhouse, WSU

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Sean Heim and Bruce Crossman in the Blue Mountains and at WSU

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The Living-Colours of Asia in Australia (2012) 

Simon Barker, Xu Feng Shan, Jim Franklin (Germany)

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Michael Atherton and Simon Barker at the Playhouse, WSU

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Michael Atherton and Jim Franklin at the Playhouse, WSU

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Max Stern Art of Sound Forum (2011) 

Max Stern (Israel)



Interactive Creativity Forums (2010)

‘Inner Secrets of Composers and Performative Interactions’

Bruce Crossman teaching 4

Tim Hopkins (Australia/NZ), Koji Nakano (Japan/USA), John Rimmer (NZ), Andrian Pertout (Australia)

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Imaginative Space (2005) 

‘Five Australian Composers Discuss Their Inner Worlds and Outer Tensions in the Creative Process’; Kim Cunio, Andrian Pertout, John Encarnacao, Brett Dean, Liza Lim

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Hair-Raising Sounds (2004) 

‘Seven Australian Composers Discuss Taking Creativity in Personal and Connecting Directions’; Anthony Pateras, Robyn Fox, Nigel Butterley, Jenny Game-Lopata, Michael Atherton, Garth Paine, Sandy Evans



From Outer Space: External Influences on the Internal (2003) 

‘Five Australian Composers Discus External Influences on the Internal’; Andrew Ford, Jim Franklin, Dom Turner, Rob Hirst, Clare Maclean



Intersecting Identities: Creative Identity (2002) 

‘Four Australian Composers Discuss Identity’; Andrew Ford, Charlie Chan, Ross Edwards, Anne Boyd