Creative Musings and Reflections

creative musings & reflections

After the Sermon—Quiet: Easter Sunday

Blurring Resonances of Compositional Creativity: The Keyboard in the 21stCentury at HKBU

My Story: Pacific Journeying

Tokyo in Spring: Sonic Resonance

Garden of Breath for the Renewal of Love—Gallipoli Response

Twisting Blues Rhythms Nestled amongst Brickwork

Kunqu Intersections: Undulating Resonances of Living Colours

Resonances of Culture: Place, Spirit and Sound

Drifting Emergence and Sudden Colours: Shy Like Blushing Flowers at The JOAN

Fragrant Blossoms: Brutal-Shy Resonances and Unfolding Sonic-Visual Colour Cacophony

Payton in New York: Curvaceous Cacophony

Energy-filled Joy of a Western Sydney Juke Joint of Sonic Riotousness—The Australian-US Turner Brown Band hit Town

Creative Resilience in a Time of Crisis: Hidden Stillness

Materiality and Creativity: Local Materials and Creative Flow towards Interior Senses of Spirit 

The Sense of What is Missing: Heaven to Earth Border House and The Three Presences of Connection