Garden of Fire

for mezzo-soprano, percussion (crotales, vibraphone, kulintang, hi-hat cymbals, 2 Peking Opera gongs [middle, high]), & piano (2017); duration: 17′ 46″; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Sensuous depth-plunging fish of Tang Xianzu’s poetic Kunqu


for mezzo-soprano, violin, piano, percussion (2010-12); mezzo-soprano (including clap-sticks); violin; 1 percussionist (kulintang, crotales, vibraphone, hi-hat cymbals, Peking Opera gongs [middle, high], Japanese temple bowl [high], ching [suspended], wood block); piano

Part 1: Water and Fire (14’00); Part 2: Spirit (11’00); duration: 25’00”; publisher: Australian Music Centre

Downtown Hong Kong: Intense Confluence Inspiration
Downtown Hong Kong: Intense Confluence Inspiration

Daragang Magayon Cantata

for mezzo-soprano, piano, optional dancer/chanter (2001)
duration: 17′ 00″; publisher: Wirripang

Ian Munro (piano), Lotte Latukefu (mez. soprano) & Melinda Bobis (dancer/chanter), Riverside Theatres, Sydney, Aurora 2006

Rituals for Soprano and String Quartet

for soprano and string quartet (1996); duration: 30′ 00″

Coat-tails Flying

chamber opera in three acts, (text, Hone Tuwhare; set design, Wallace Crossman) (1992-95); duration: 1 hour 18′ 00″


for SATB choir (1992); duration: 8′ 00″

“…To a Tuesday’s Blossoming Tree”

for chamber choir (SATB) (text, Hone Tuwhare) (1989); duration: 12′ 00″

Lontano Music-Theatre Songs

for voice and chamber ensemble (1984-85); duration: 8′ 00″

Eliot Songs 

(text, T.S. Eliot) for mezzo-soprano and piano (1984-85); duration: 10′ 00″

Roxburgh Rages

(text, Bruce Crossman) for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (1984-85); duration: 10′ 00″