Blossom Sadness details

Blossom Sadness  for 2 violins, viola and cello (2012); duration: 14′ 00″; publisher: Australian Music Centre score available from Australian Music … More

Resonance of Red details

Resonance of Red details for sitār, tablā and harpsichord (2013) Sitār; 1 Percussionist: Tablā (tablā [dāhinā] and bāyān); Harpsichord (lower … More

Early Spring details

Early Spring that No One Sees for viola, percussion and piano (2012); viola, 1 percussionist (Filipino kulintang or Cambodian korng thomm, crotales, … More

Spirit-Presence details

Spirit-Presence for two shakuhachi players (2012) 1 Jiari-Shakuhachi (lacquered) [1.8 shaku length] plus 2 crotales [pitches D and E; sounding an … More

Qi Colour from Hidden Resonances

Qi Colour from Hidden Resonances for piano (2010); duration: 6’15”; publisher: Wirripang score Wirripang Pty Ltd inspiration program note This … More

Resophonica details

Resophonica: Michael Atherton and Bruce Crossman improvisations for piano, prepared-piano, resophonic guitar and percussion (2009)—piano (Steinway C [Hamburg]); prepared-piano (Kawai … More