Colour Resonances and Dance details

Colour Resonances and Dance
for orchestra (2000)

2(pic)22(bs. cl)2; 2200; timpani; 2 percussion players (snare drum, hi-hat, suspended cymbal,tam tam, bass drum, 2 bongo drums [can be substituted by snare], 2 conga drums [drum with snares off], glockenspiel); strings

duration: 17′ 00″

publisher: AMC

audio sample

score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
Colour Resonances and Dance draws on the concept of ‘sound objects’ drawn from the Pacific to give the work a sense of locale, including the ‘kulintang rhythmic gesture’ working in context with interval-colour matrixes treated both vertically and horizontally as a colour sonority. Both resonances—the rhythmic and colouristic—find full flight in a juxtaposed large-textured climax.

available on writings page (see TAASA Review and DCA, chapter five)

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